GERnétic BUST    

Hormone imbalances, poor nutrition, pregnancies and weight fluctuations all contribute to an undesirable slacking bust line. Over thirty two years of in-depth research has enabled the Laboratories of GERnétic Int. to develop a treatment system that will re-balance, re-mineralize, repair and firm up damaged tissue .

Lifting  & Firming

Lifting,  Firming  & Treatment of Stretch Marks

Daily home regiment is required and will suit individual needs.  Select from products below for more info. 


                 SEINO                         ENDO “S ”                     MACRO 2000                    ANTI STRIES

All GERnétic in-salon treatments include  application of stimulating, reparative and nourishing layers of product by means of gentle massage followed by a body mask appropriate to your specific treatment needs. Repair and Regeneration of damaged tissue takes minimum four to six months. Results will vary! GERnétic skin care products must be used as recommended for maximum result!

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GERnétic Abdomen    

For some people with under nourished tissues that are poor in collagen and elastin, pregnancies or weight fluctuations can cause the skin to stretch, sag and provoke this aspect of space between tissues that form a kind of scar or stretch marks. Through the absorption of all super regenerative products that GERnétic Int. has to offer, this treatment accelerates the synthesis and restructuring of collagen and elastin tissues. Repair and firm up your abdomen! Results will vary depending on age and severity of damage.


Firming & Treatment of Stretch Marks

Daily home regiment is required and will suit individual needs.  Select from products below for more info.


          SOMITO                               MITO “S”                         ANTI STRIES                          NUCLEA