Maintaining a beautiful body and regaining the curves and firmness of a toned body requires a healthy lifestyle.
In the majority of cases the restructuring of your figure means dealing with various causes that have to be identified, taking account of individual needs. The GERnétic body range treats the different effects with products perfectly adapted to each individual need to help you rediscover a younger and slimmer figure.

The Laboratories of GERnétic Int. , through the use of Cellular Biology Research and Technologies, have created a line of skincare products that  deliver essential nutrients by means of cutaneous absorption. The absorption of these vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins  assist in redressing internal nutritional  deficiencies to improves blood circulation, assist in regulating digestion and enhance metabolism,  assist in balancing the endocrine system and improve lymphatic drainage.

Over 40 years of in-depth research has enable GERnétic Int. to distinguish between Cellulite (orange peel effect) and Fatty Deposits (excessive flabbiness).
These two unattractive conditions should NOT be confused as the internal cause of each is very different and the effects and treatments need to be thoroughly mastered if one is to obtain unbeatable results.

Firmness and accidents to the skin such as burns and scars can also be successfully treated

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Treatment of Cellulite

Slimming  &  Treatment of Cellulite


Firming & Treatment of Stretch Marks

Treatment of Veins


NOTE: All GERnétic body treatments require daily application of specific products at home. The slimming and firming effect will begin to be apparent in 8 to 10 weeks, full results take minimum 6 months. Results will vary and will depend on the level of commitment you have to your treatment plan. All GERnétic skin care and body products must be used as recommended for maximum results. They can be used daily over long periods of time safely and efficiently! Once desired results are achieved maintenance is of course recommended.  
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