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Get your skin “Back To School Ready!”

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facial (1) Facial y men

For Young Men & Women with combination, oily & acne skin




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France Laure Sun Protection Products

RévoluSolaire Environmental Face and Body Protection has been designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects caused by the attack of free radicals and external damage and to prevent premature ageing. Hypoallergenic and perfume-free, it resists perspiration.

France Laure Sun Block 30     101522_RévoluSolaire-50_intenseRetail $51   

 Intense RévoluSolaire 30 & 50

Protects against external damage

Maintains lipidic and hydric balance

Fights against photo-ageing

Helps preserve skin integrity 

Perfume free


Face and body formulas

The ideal protection before spending a day outdoors


Also available: After Sun Care 

France Laure SOS

-Face & body SOS comfort voile

Apply as often as desired to reduce heating sensation after a long day outdoors. Refreshes, hydrates, relaxes, brings comforts and wellness.



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