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Health & Beauty

Unveil your individual beauty with the infinite resources found in nature! The skins outer radiance begins with a singular philosophy: Health & Beauty are synonymous; you cannot have beauty without health! GERnétic Int. creams and tonics promote the spectacular results that actualize when science and nature unite! As an experienced Aesthetician with the use of GERnétic Int. treatments and products, I can help you obtain your skin and body goals in a professional, personal and most importantly in a healthy way! To begin the process of achieving a healthy and resplendent beauty, you need only realize that needles and surgery are NOT required! We must strive for long term solutions for not only our outer beauty concerns but our inner health and well being. Every person is special and unique! Therefore, from the moment you embark your journey with me you will receive individual, customized consultation and care. Services and home care regiments will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. With the help of GERnétic Int. and my expertise you can be on your way to a healthier, confident, more beautiful self!! Maximize your Health & Beauty from the inside out!

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