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  Firm & Lift You Bust:

GERnétic bust products and treatments are the result of over 40 years of research in Cellular Biology. The Laboratories GERnétic Synthese (Labo. Ger.s) brings answers to the concerns of those anxious to maintain their attractive bust, or to recover muscular tone and firmness lost due to pregnancy, weight loss and natural aging.

Bust care and balance are linked to the overall good health of a woman’s physiological system.

The deficiencies of an industrial nutrition lead to many digestive disorders, which cause nutritive deficiencies in our bodies. The BUST is particularly affected by this nutritional unbalance. The Laboratories GERnétic Synthese (Labo.Ger.s) have created a technique to compensate for these deficiencies by per-cutaneous absorption of ACTIVE INGREDIENTS developed from BIO-Technology.  Well-studied beauty treatments for the BUST,  using high performance GERnétic  products containing active ingredients that are referenced in the Health Ministries bring results that cannot be contested!  View Testimonials


Firm & Repair Your Tummy:

Stretch marks and sagging tissue are due to external causes and always linked to under-nourished tissues that are poor in collagen and elastin. Several causes including pregnancy and  weight fluctuations can stretch the skin causing it to crepe and sag and also provoke, in some people, this aspect of space between the tissues that forms a kind of scar which appears dark brown, red or white depending on how long it has been there as well as on the age and texture of the skin.  The Laboratories GERnétic Synthese (Labo.Ger.s) have created preventative and curative creams for the distension of the skin’s tissues.  With their exceptional nourishing power, the ACTIVE PRINCIPALS contained in these products enable a better synthesis of the collagenase, producing enough natural quantities of collagen and elastin to ensure the elasticity and the restructuring of the distended tissues.

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