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GERnétic Laboratories: A New Generation of Cosmetic Slimming Products

GERnétic body products and treatments are the result of over 40 years of research in Cellular Biology. The Laboratories GERnétic Synthese (Labo. Ger.s) brings answers to the concerns of those anxious to maintain their body, or to recover a slimmer, firmer more youthful figure.
Women’s concern with their figure is often based on many factors: weight fluctuations due to age, pregnancy or repeated dieting resulting in a loss of elasticity, tone and firmness of the skin; the appearance of cellulite resulting from poor micro-circulation and a reduced elimination of dead cells; superfluous fat resulting from a poor use of calories and the storage of unbecoming reserves.

Maintaining a beautiful body and regaining the curves and firmness of a toned body requires a healthy lifestyle. GERétic Int. Body Care methods and products provide real results, rapid and durable with quite spectacular results when used as directed and incorporated in to your healthy lifestyle!

The in-depth research of Laboratories GERnétic Synthese (Labo. Ger.s) has enabled us to distinguish between Cellulite and Fatty Deposits. These two unattractive conditions should not be confused as the internal cause of each is very different. The GERnétic body range treats the different effects with products perfectly adapted to each individual need to help you rediscover a younger and slimmer figure. Whatever your own particular concern is, GERnétic Laboratories offer a range of effective treatments and products specially designed to meet your requirements and speed you on your way to achieving your aesthetic body goals. View Testimonials


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